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Course Description

The programme aims at enhancing the career of students pursuing the Management Studies programme by transferring to them comprehensive knowledge in theories and practice of Management as pertains in Ghana and the world over. Students will gain an understanding of the internal functions and structures of organisations, as well as the contexts within which organisations operate in the private and public sectors. Students will develop the analytical skills needed both to solve a range of management problems and to competently use a number of management software packages. Students will also develop their individual skills of critical thinking, teamwork and leadership, be competent in analysing data and have the communication skills vital for translating good ideas into action. Kindly apply below or scroll down to read full details of the programme.


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6 Reasons to Study this Course with Central University

  • Provide students with a thorough understanding of the operations of the private and public sectors both locally and internationally.
  • To enable students appreciate contemporary and innovative concepts and theories in management to enable them keep abreast of new trends that are evolving with time.
  • Job placement is assured.
  • Serene environment for learning.
  • To gain the understanding of how to effectively and efficiently apply management skills in private and public institutions.
  • To efficiently demonstrate to students the understanding of ethics in management and how to contribute significantly to the progress of organisations (state or private).


Entry Requirements

Foreign applicants must have qualifications equivalent to the above to be considered for admission. Their results must also be translated into English and they should be able to read and write in English. Additionally, all foreign certificates validated by the National Accreditation Board. Applicants may also be required to pass an entrance examination/interview.

In addition to the general admission requirements, Schools, Faculties and Departments may have special entry requirements. The academic catalogues of the Schools and Faculties must be consulted for up-to-date information.



$2,459 per semester


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Management Studies programme have job opportunities in public and private sectors, the non-governmental sector and in the international arena. In the public sector, opportunities abound in civil service and other public sector organisations.  In the private sector, jobs abound in the manufacturing industry as well as the services sector such as banks, insurance companies, telecom firms, and consultancy firms. In the nongovernmental area, numerous local and regional organisations have employed our graduates. In the international community, our graduates have been employed by several international financial institutions. A significant number of our management graduates have established their own firms.


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